Road To Rome - DM3

Highlights:Can't Get What You Want
Please Don't Lie
Dead Stars
Something Heavy

DM3's second album, Road To Rome (a pun on the Ramones album Road To Ruin as everyone in DM3 has Italian surnames) comes as close as you could expect to the perfect power pop album in a traditional sense. It is not often that one comes across an album that startles, pleases and impresses from beginning to end, like Rome To Rome does.

Whilst it is hard to pick out any song that really stands out, the opening track Can't Get What You Want is perhaps the highlight of the album with its vibrant atmosphere, raucous vocals and sharp power chords. Just as good is Something Heavy, although the feel is totally different. A more somber song, as the title suggests, Something Heavy is highlighted by Bob Patient's brilliant Hammond organ. Bob Patient's keyboards are also prominent on Dead Stars, which was apparently inspired by Albert Goldstein's derogatory biography on John Lennon. Other songs such as Speed Freak, Second Floor and Soultop all emphasise Dom Mariani's trademark crunching guitar chords and ability as a lead guitarist without forgoing any of his pop mastery. On the other hand, Pleaze You, I Thought You Were Foolin' and Show You are the kind of sincere and uplifting pop songs that I fall for every time.

Road To Rome encapsulates everything I love about power pop - great songs, big power chords, catchy melodies and tight, no bullshit playing. Add to this the brilliant mix done by Mitch Easter and what you have is an album that is nothing short of a classic of the genre that will stand the test of time.

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